Why Bento HR?

We believe that technology and analytics should serve humanity. That's why we design solutions to liberate your employees to do the work that people still do best.

Our user-friendly approach integrates your current HR systems onto one platform, reducing complexity, automating tedious tasks and transforming data into actionable outcomes.

Matt's nearly 20-year journey has taken him around the world, supporting organizations based in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia & South America. In a previous HR Executive role, Matt led an HR team that was recognized in 2018 as the 'Canadian HR Team of the Year - Retail / Hospitality', on the heels of their 2017 award for the: 'Most Innovative Use of HR Technology'.

In late 2018, Matt announced the launch of the Global HR Collective, a social enterprise raising $1M for grassroots charities supporting mental health advocacy & women entrepreneurs. He serves as a Board Advisor for several purpose-driven organizations, and is a frequent keynote speaker at HR conferences around the globe.

Now with BentoHR, Matt's advancing his vision that technology and data are the key to liberating organizations, and their people, in the 21st century.

After 17 years as an intrapraneur in the banking industry, Karim Lessard started a consulting company to accelerate growth in non-profits and startups. He went on to found a startup where he learned the power of Lean and Agile methodologies and recognized how they could be implemented within large organizations to streamline technology projects and improve outcomes.

Karim has spent the last 5 years supporting technology innovation at 7 Simple Machines, an enterprise software development and services company. Bridging software and human resources, Karim is now the CEO of BentoHR. He's also a husband, a father of two lovely children, and the owner of an ill-mannered golden retriever.

Jennifer Henninger has a passion for technology innovation. As COO of BentoHR, she provides leadership, management, strategy and vision. Her relationship with both clients and employees motivates Jen to develop creative technology solutions necessary to foster growth and allow people to reach their goals and potentials.

Spanning a diverse path to her current role in the technology industry, Jen's background includes 20+ years facilitating business development and operational administration across an assorted selection of fields, from sciences, to the creative industry, to human resources and technology.

Jen is a strategic change agent with the ability to influence and negotiate, innovate technology solutions, resolve long-standing problems, devise process improvements, and improve efficiencies. She loves running, yoga, hiking with her kids, and diving into a good book.