Mar 27, 2020

Nigel Miller: Commonwealth HR

Bringing people together is a theme that runs through the career of Nigel Miller. An experienced cross-functional executive, Nigel has a breadth of experience that spans Human Resources, Marketing & Public Relations with some of the world’s leading brands, including Coca Cola, Anheiser Busch and Weber Shandwick. Now as Senior Advisor, Employee Experience with Edelman, a global communications firm of 6,000, Nigel advises other organisations on topics ranging from corporate culture change, employee experience, and employer branding.

This blend of internal / external voice is something we’ve talked about before. The similarities between Marketing & HR are striking when viewed through a certain lens. Each is tasked with influencing outcomes without authority – a competency that grows in importance as organisational structures become more flat. Each counts segmentation of audience, curation of messaging and storytelling as necessary elements to drive awareness. 

Organisations that treat them disparately miss a real opportunity to drive synergies through the sharing of knowledge, skills and resources. They also assume a heightened risk that messaging will be misaligned. And when your outside voice doesn’t match your inside voice, you lose all credibility. In today’s landscape, that destroys organisations. 

Nigel understands this better than most. And over the next 40 minutes we get into it, discussing everything from the influence of technology in supporting broader organisational strategy, to the importance of quantifiable measures in assessing its impact.

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