Aug 8, 2019

The BentoHR Concept

by Matt Burns, Founder | CIO

The BentoHR concept was born of necessity. Tasked with transforming a large, global organization, I scoured the technology marketplace for a solution that would enable our vision – a completely digital HR function that automated manual administration, reallocated finite resources & enabled a suite of analytics that transformed our relationship with the business – from an administrative, compliance-focused entity, to a forward-looking strategic profit centre.

To achieve this, we needed an approach that fit our unique requirements, was cost-effective and could be implemented quickly. The result? Within 12 months we purchased, implemented & integrated 5 disparate HR technologies, which allowed us to illuminate opportunities & impact through predictive analytics.

Now with BentoHR, we are partnering with HR departments globally to help them do the same; transform their departments, organizations and more broadly, the HR profession.